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We aim to keep class sizes small, this allows more one on one time between the student and instructor. 

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Computer Science

Computer Science is an exciting, stimulating, and ever-growing field that impacts the world around us in innumerable ways every day.  Computer scientists benefit many industries beyond just technology; including medical, media, manufacturing, business and science.

Web Development

Web development is an exciting and rewarding experience.  Learn to create operative and captivating websites with relative ease using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  Students will acquire the knowledge to creatively express themselves while developing lifelong skills beneficial to their future careers.


Much of the world wide web we use today is is made up of PHP-based content management systems.  PHP based content makes up 83% of popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Druxel, but even if we take those out of the equation, it’s still present in over 54% of the web.  PHP is not only high permeance but very reliable.

Unique Features

Operation Code Club is taking a new approach to teaching kids the fundimentals of computer programming. We strive in keeping class sizes small to increase the one-on-one time between student and instructor. 

Hands on Learning

Each student will get the opertunity to build their own game, website, and app. 


Learn Fundamentals First

Each student will began with the basics; this way we insure they learn the industry standard.

STEM Based Training

Our platform is designed to teach not only programming, but math, science, and engineering as well.

Skills for Life

Every student can benefit from our program. Programming teaches problem solving, criticial thinking, and logical processing.


You pick the day that work best for your schedule.

Or pick two days a week.


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


10:00 am - 11:30 am

Once a Week or Twice a Week

Once a Week

Your student will get 1 and half hours of training.  Once a week is a great option if your student is not sure if they like programming. This will allow them to learn the fundimentals, and if they enjoy it, you will have the option to upgrade to twice a week.

Twice a Week

Your student will get two 1 and half hour training sessions a week, depending on availibility of days. Twice a week is a great option if your student really loves programming. They will get the opportunity to learn more and advance faster.

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New Hours and website Coming Soon!

New Hours and website Coming Soon!

At the end of July we will be roling out new hours, and Website. Sign up today to become informed on upcoming changes. 

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